September Fitness Challenge: The Past 12 Days

I haven’t been updating like I really want to because these past few days have been very tiring and trying.

I haven’t worked out as much as I intended to but have been walking almost every day and when I did go to the gym for sessions with my personal trainer they have been intense workouts.

I haven’t been as active as I want to because people. I know this may sound sad, but when people close to you don’t encourage you to do something you are passionate about it makes life very frustrating. The idea of me wanting to be healthy is so alien to a lot of people because I’m not obese. As an African, Nigerian to be precise, losing weight is ridiculous. If anything I need to be putting on weight. The amusing thing is that everyone thinks I’m on a diet, most people haven’t even asked me what my fitness challenge is all about but have so much to say about it. For my age and height I am overweight. I remember back in college I was 11 stone and knew i was overweight and wanted to do something about it but not sure where ton start. When i started this challenge I was just over 12 stone and now I’ve gained another 5 pounds. So I’m not even losing weight not to talk of on a diet. I could never deprive myself of food all for the sake of losing weight. It’s all about making the right food choices and that’s what I’ve struggled with the most during this challenge. I thank God for the support and patience of my personal trainer who is really guiding me through and let me know that I have a lot of strength in my legs which I’m happy about but I need to do some serious work on building up my upper body strength. In a previous post I put a picture of myself now and as you can see most of my fat is in my middle.

As hard as this all is, I am determined to lose the fat in my mid section. I love the shape of my body and I know eating right and working out will define and enhance the curves I inherited from my mum lol. Just for the record I AM NOT ON A DIET!

Although I haven’t been eating as healthily as I could, my food choices have changed though. This is definitely harder than it seems and I’m a work in progress.


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