The Hair: Setbacks and Moving Forward

Check-Check me out!!!

Check-Check me out!!!

From the last time I posted about my hair up until around January I got real scissor happy. I was just trimming my hair whenever I felt like it. I decided to start a new hair journey for 2014 which entails me backing away from the scissor and allowing my hair to just be.

On February 2nd 2014 to mark the official start of my challenge/journey, I gave myself a final trim to get rid of my unhealthy ends so that I can focus on the overall health of my hair and allowing it to grow uninterrupted.

So far I have made some very interesting observations which have allowed me to make positive changes to my methods of hair maintenance. I noticed that I am very rough when handling my hair, which led to quite a lot of breakage. I’ve realised that if I want my hair to be at its best then I need to be gentle when detangling my fine strands and stick to finger detangling.

I have also notice that my hair responds well to protein treatments. So I’m making sure to keep a protein and moisture balance by alternating between protein and moisturising conditioners. My favourite conditioner which offers the best of both worlds is the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I have been using this deep conditioner since I was relaxed and it is one of the products that I still used when I went natural that still gives consistent results. I absolutely love it!

Now I’m two months into my journey and already I’m seeing results. Although I have done a couple search and destroys due to extremely stubborn knots in my hair, it’s hasn’t been anything major. My hair is growing really well and my focus will continue to be on the health of my hair and making sure it stays full and soft and strong.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on products I’m using and what I’m doing with this fro. I’ll also be doing more product reviews.

In the mean time, what products do you use that keeps your hair smooth and strong? Also what techniques have you learned on your hair journey that has helped the health of your hair?


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