Back to Skincare: Ultrabland Cleanser

I’m sure I’ve been boring you guys with my fitness challenge, but don’t worry I’m bringing it back to what you love 😉

My skin is going through the mother of all breakouts right now after overdosing on oil-absorbing exfoliating cleansers. I’m not sure if i mentioned in a previous post about how my skin used to be dry and I’ve realised that it is due to the Benozyl Peroxide creams I used to use to clear my spots. After many years of using things like Oxy, Neutogena and Clean and Clear which gave me little results I invested in the Mary Kay Miracle Set which completely cleared my skin.

I was using the Normal to Dry formula and even though I was beginning to see that I had an oily t-zone it was still fine because it smoothed my skin out and felt amazing. After using it for over a year my skin began to breakout and become very oily. This left me feeling confused and wondering what the hell kind of breakdown is my skin going through? Now, as I have mentioned I work with Lush Cosmetics, so a couple of months ago I explained my skin situation to a customer during our conversation about switching to natural cosmetics and she said that maybe my skin has always been combination/oily and now that I’m cleansing it and exfoliating it properly it is beginning to show. It really made a lot of sense because my skin has always been pretty normal and the use of moisturising products could be producing excess oil in my skin.

I had to go back to the drawing board. Being a consultant I thought to myself, “what do I recommend to people who need a soothing cleanser, that gives a deep clean and calms breakouts and balances out the skin?” Non other than the amazing Ultrabland Cleanser.


This is an almond-oil based cleanser mixed with Rose Water, Beeswax, Honey, Fresh Iris Extract, Rose Absolute and Tincture of Benzoin. A total of 7 ingredients, to soothe, cleans, calm and soften the skin.

I know people are always testy when it comes to oil based cleansers, even I was. The thought of putting oil on my face makes me nervous because I don’t want more spots. However, oil dissolves oil making it a great way to balance out the skin, also the claim on this  product is, “For people with really problem skin use nothing but ultrabland for one month, to  bring skin back into balance.” Now i know Lush will never put out a claim if it’s not tried and tested.

I started using it on Saturday night and so far my skin doesn’t feel sore from the spots so it’s doing something.

I’ve read all kinds of reviews for this talking about how greasy it feels and honestly if your skin is greasy after using this then you haven’t used it properly. Smooth a little on your face (don’t clump it on, a little goes a long way) and massage it in using an upward circular motion. Then use a damp warm flannel/wash cloth to clean it all off. I usually steam my face with the flannel for a few seconds before cleaning it all off and then I rinse the flannel and steam my face again in case of any residue I may not have gotten the first time.

This cleanser also removes make up which is an added bonus.

I’m going to test the one month claim and see what my face looks like this time next month. x


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