The devil is a liar…but you already knew that

All the time!

All the time!


So, I have finally finished my masters education and I feel so free. But before I get on with my life and get onto to my regular scheduled blogging program, I have to share my testimony.

Starting my masters course I was sure of what I wanted to do after a year of questioning whether I wanted to be a journalist. I knew what I wanted out of the course and for the first time in a long time I was 100% sure of where my life is heading. The course went well considering the lack of communication I and my course mates were often times caught in the middle of.

I was no longer caught up in the “where is my life going and how will i get a job” limbo because for no other explanation than the grace of God I saw clearly where I am going with this career. I took up another job to make ends meet. God made a way with my tuition fees every semester. The icing on the cake was the connection I made with a photographer who I work with exclusively to cover events and other great things in the Nigerian entertainment industry. This past year I spent in university really opened my eyes to how amazing God is and how much clarity He will give you if you spend time in meditation with Him and allow him to take all your worries and cares.

I pretty much have become a freelance journalist and blogger (apart from this blog). I just give God all the glory.

Now, fast forward to the end of the course and it’s time for me to hand in my dissertation. I actually completed my dissertation two weeks before the hand in date and literally the day after I finished it I got sick with the flu and was out of the game for just over a week. Once I felt better and was up and about again I decided to hand in my dissertation a day before the hand in date. I got to Uni early and printed out my work. Now here’s where it gets crazy,

I had my work all printed out and in my hand ready to bind and submit.  I head to the cash point to get the money I need to bind the two copies of my dissertation that i was gripping in my hand with sheer joy and relief and the moment I place my card into the cash machine, my mind goes blank. I COMPLETELY FORGOT MY PIN!

For the life of me, I could not remember it and I was too far away from my bank to actually get my money direct from the cashier as you would do as a plan b. I literally stood at the cash point trying to remember the formation in which I move my hands across the keypad and I couldn’t remember anything. I still took my behind to the press room to get my work bound, you think I was just going to accept the fact that I didn’t have the money. I was going to find a way. The kind lady at the press room went ahead to bind my work while I went back to the cash point to try one more time.

Thank God for the coins I then realised I had in my purse and the course mate who gave me the rest of the money I needed. With that, I floated all the way to my Uni’s press room to collect my work and pay the kind lady. And with that I will be a masters graduate come December.

All of this just to say, God is good and I’m back



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