The Issue: Why won’t they let young girls be children?




With the NSPCC’s most recent advertisement encouraging parents to have the talk with their children about the underwear rule, it has been brought to our attention once again that children need to be educated on what qualifies as a good and bad touch.

However, in certain parts of the world, good touch, bad touch and the underwear rule isn’t the only worry. The topic of child marriages are taking centre stage, namely in Nigeria. For those who aren’t aware, a senate bill on underage marriage was agreed upon by the majority last week. As of now a petition has been started to ask United Nations to stop Nigerian Senate from making underage marriage legal.

With all the other problems going on in Nigeria the most pressing issue that needed to be discussed was how the paedophiles in government want to inflict their personal desires for young girls as young as 10 years old who are “physically developed” in which they can marry as long as their parents are fine with it….WTF?! (Excuse my language)

How is this okay? How is this an important issue that needs to be put into law? Outraged is an understatement. This issue is critical, not only as a young female but for men also. Even if you don’t have a daughter, we all have nieces, female cousins, god daughters, sisters, etc. When did it become okay to deny young girls an education and the highest possible quality of life to ensure that they fulfil their dreams of becoming affluent and respectable people within society and around the world? A law like this is what encourages child prostitution. It’s slavery! It makes my stomach turn at the thought of young girls and their underdeveloped bodies being put through sex and child birth and therefore risking severe complications and even death.

I’ve always been an advocate for letting children be children. Whatever happened to being young and educated and growing up and meeting someone nice and bringing them to your parents for their blessing?

Now is the time to speak out and let your voice be heard. If you agree that the young girl child deserves a chance in this world to make something of herself and grow with dignity, morals and a sound education then sign the petition Here.






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