The Hair: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Line


Being just over one year into my natural and healthy hair journey there have been many through provoking moments. From hair typing to styles and the very interesting topic of growth. There are so many theories and ideas that come up in the subject matter. We see so many products on the market from vitamins to shampoos and conditioners such as hairfinity and F.A.S.T. Although I’ve been curious as to how they work and if any will work on me, I’ve always held myself back with the comfort of seeing how well my hair is growing without the use of vitamins or anything made specifically for hair growth. Plus I’ve embraced my shrinkage so much that I know my hair will never expose  its true length unless it’s stretched or straightened and my afro puff has become such a part of me that for the most part length doesn’t concern me.

However, once I saw this particular line in Boots that was both affordable and on offer I thought, why not? Even though it pained me to put my card into the machine at the checkout and part with my hard earned cash, I thought it was worth a try and I deserve a treat. This particular line is ‘For hair that never grows past a certain length’ and since that is the problem of most ladies no matter what hair type it really intrigued me to see if it will actually work.

While checking out some reviews I noticed that most are from ladies with straighter hair than my tightly curly, 4a/b/c, fine, highly dense, averagely porous hair. It got me wondering if my afro haired sisters weren’t purchasing it because they didn’t know it was on the market or if they knew it just wouldn’t do anything to their hair.

Initial review

One of my personal hair struggles is with breakage and detangling. I’m getting more of a grip on it through consistently moisturising my hair and detangling while co-washing but I figured that my hair needs a little more protein to keep the balance and to control breakage.

I haven’t been using shampoo in my hair for a while and if i do it’s usually sulphate free. The is based with sodium laureth sulfate which is a lathering agent but aside from that it is packed with lots of protein which is key for strengthening the hair to stop breakage since out hair is made from keratin which is a type of protein.

The shampoo itself left my hair feeling clean and light. Nothing spectacular , just clean. The instructions say to use the treatment in between the shampoo and conditioner for better results. So, I followed the instructions but instead and massaging it through my hair and scalp I only used it on my scalp to save product. I also killed two birds with one stone by using the conditioner on my hair and got to deep conditioning with the use of my hooded dryer for 1o minutes. I then rinsed with cool water. My hair felt really light and fresh but I still needed extra moisture so I used the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave-In Conditioner. It was a very light cream that was ok in my opinion.

Now since i’m big on smells I must say that the smell wasn’t fantastic. The products I used smell like professional salon products. You know, that clean hair product smell that doesn’t smell like anything you desire or like but just…blah. Le sigh. I wish it smelled fresh and floral, I think that would suit it’s appearance very much. But i digress.


After leaving my hair to dry for the remainder of the evening and through the night and I monitored my hair throughout the week and noticed that I didn’t have much breakage or flyways so i guess all the hydrolysed wheat protein in the products really made a difference to my hair. I wish it was more moisturising but it goes keep the hair feeling clean and light and stops breakage.

I actually went to return the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream since they were all too light for my hair and decided that the only thing that may benefit my hair most is the treatment. So I’m going to continue using the treatment once a week as part of my deep conditioning treatment and see how it goes after a month.

However if there are any Curly, Coily and Kinky textured ladies out there that want a shampoo and conditioner to alternate with their moisturising ones to keep protein and moisture balance then this is a great product line. It’s great for retaining length.



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