Work it out!: The Afrobeats Workout


Right now I’m still recovering from my little afrobeats workout. Mind you it’s been hours since I finished and was left breathing heavy like I walked jogged to Shepherds Bush from Marble Arch and laid out on my couch sweating like a fat kid who has just been caught stealing a chunk of a freshly baked chocolate cake. Yep it was a lot. But that just goes to show that I have been out of the fitness game for more than a little while. In the spirit of starting small and working my way up (since you can’t be an expert in a day) I decided to do a little workout in my living room before I start heading back to the gym.

While thinking of fun ways to get started I was on  a serious search for dance workout that were to music I love and could really have a good time and let loose to. There is no way that I will reach my fitness goal if I continue to do boring workouts (blame it on my short attention span and slight ADD). So i came across YouTuber Scola Dondo, who posts fun fitness tips as well as shares how she lost 50lb and continue to maintain the weight loss and stay healthy. Let me not forget to mention that girlfriend is still in college. And by college I mean UK college like 17 going on 18, about to go to university. Her body is amazing and I love how it’s her body and she’s not trying to imitate anyone else’s.

So, I saw that she had something called the Kukere workout and I felt like I had struck gold. I was not disappointed either because me and my nephew had so much fun working out with Scola. The fact that you can see her sweating and getting it in along with you is the best part about it. If anyone is not familiar with Kukere by Iyanya, just thing CEO Dancers’ Britain’s Got Talent audition

Kukere by Iyanya (Original)

CEO Dancers Audition

CEO Dancers Kukere Choreography

Scola’s Kukere Workout

After the workout I decided to keep going and do the lighter Azonto workout which she mentioned in the video.

I even realised how easy it would be to create my own afrobeats workout (no I don’t have a video up of me working out). With the many sites like and that you can download free afrobeats mixtapes (DJ Selecta Maestro’s Afrobeats Workout Session), why not utilise them and get your groove on and work up a sweat around your house. Imagine doing that for one hour a day for 5 days out of the week. Now that is some serious cardio.

I wonder if there is a soca workout on Youtube *starts to search*





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