The Update: One year natural and all that jazz

Fresh big chop back in May 23rd 2012

Fresh big chop back in May 23rd 2012

I was gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off *in my Lil’ Kim voice* (do you remember that song, that was my jam)

While I’ve been away being a focused working student, getting little to no rest, a lot has happened. But most importantly, I embraced my first year of being natural. After a very short transition, 3 months to be precises, I big chopped in May 23rd last year. Along with a huge pile of hair laying on my auntie’s salon floor(slight exaggeration i know, but that’s how it felt) I also left behind the weight of bad relationships and took on a fresh new beginning. You see my big chop was a spiritual moment for me, I know it to be time my life changed forever and I took control of my destiny and finally put my life in God’s hands. In no way does this mean that everything was peachy keen and my life is now perfect, however, it is full of sunshine even in the darkest of days and I have a new outlook on life. As human beings we hide behind so much materially and all in the name of vanity without dealing with the root of all things that could potentially give us peace of mind. And I can say the day I cut my hair off is the day I did just that.

2 or 3 months after my big chop at one of the best weddings I've ever been to in my life lol

2 or 3 months after my big chop at one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to in my life lol

I think what has made me going natural so easy is the fact that I could care less what anyone thinks of my hair and my natural hair journey also working at Lush cosmetics embrace what you naturally are whether that be crazy, wacky, shy, playful, just come as you are. Lush is a place where I basically have been engulfed in all things natural and haven’t looked back.

Being natural has made me care more about my health. As you can see from previous posts I set myself a September fitness challenge last year to kick start my healthy lifestyle. Over the past few months I fell off course but I’m getting back up there.

Things I’ve learned about my natural hair

I have tried my hand at braiding and twisting my hair and I’ve learned that I love having my hair out and free. My go-to styles are twist outs and braid outs. Having extensions in my hair really weighs it down and makes me feel restricted and even gives me headaches so free fro is the way to go for me personally.

Kinky Twists at the very beginning of the year

Kinky Twists at the very beginning of the year


Standard medium sized box braids done by moi

Standard medium sized box braids done by moi


I now know for sure that my hair has high density and is fine. I don’t really follow hair typing systems but if I were to categories it my hair is 4A/B. It is curlier in the back than it is in the front and very fluffy overall.

I have to moisturise daily as my hair gets dry quite quickly. I’m learning to keep my hands out of my hair in order to retain more moisture (although I do enjoy a bit of a play around with my curls from time to time).

I wash my hair every two weeks with shampoo and co-wash every 3 days in order to refresh my hair. I always put my hair in twists or braids after washing and undo them the following day.

My hair loves Shea Butter, Honey, Castor Oil for my scalp and edges, Coconut Oil (which i use as a pre-poo treatment and to detangle my hair), water, Elasta QP Olive and Mango Butter Moisturiser (the old version in the white tub with black writing on it), Rhassoul Clay as a shampoo (yes I do mean the mud) and Tresemme Naturals Conditioner t0 co-wash. I keep it simple. And to maintain a moisture/protein balance I use Aussie 3 minute re-constructor deep conditioner for damaged hair as my deep conditioner after washes.

All in all I’m having fun with my hair and letting it be itself. I really don’t actually have a regimen, I just pay attention to what needs to be done whenever it needs to be done.

Since I don’t really protective style, especially considering that I labelled this year as the year of protective styling in order to retain length, I will start investing in wigs and even making some to give my hair a break from time to time. That way I will have easy access to my hair whenever I want. I think I’m more into the health of my hair than I am about length. I just want to enjoy my hair at every stage and watch it grow.

I’ve realised that I shouldn’t write things down concerning what I want to do because I never get it done.I just need to go with the flow. However I will continue to document my journey as it’s fun and allows me to see what works and what doesn’t.

My hair today. I love my hair <3

My hair today. I love my hair ❤

So here’s to a year and many more to come 🙂



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