The Hair: Transitioning from Winter to Spring (The hottest styles)

I noticed that a lot of people enjoyed my summer 2012 hair trends post so I thought it was only right for me to post up some trends that I loved from the past couple of seasons as  we usher in the spring.

During Autumn, the biggest trends were chalking, vibrant reds and ombre was still killing the game.


Chaka Khan rocking the vibrant red

Jessica Biel rocking a lovely ombre style

Other trends I loved from Autumn/Winter was the pixie cut.

Rihanna really pulls this hair style off well.

Halle Berry has always looked best with short hair to me.

Eva Marcille is another beautiful lady that pulls it off wonderfully

Let’s not forget Anne Hathaway who looked great with her ‘do throughout the awards season.

Once again as we transition into the spring, styles repeat themselves however. there will be a lot of low ponytail looks and updos like buns and single braid styles. The trends are really slick and pulled together great for both daytime and evening looks. Slicked edges are in, which i love. There’s nothing like the neatness of slicked edges.


And you know it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t represent for my naturlistas

Braids are still going strong and colour is also a growing trend. Although there are a lot of naturals who want nothing to do with chemicals in their hair (Mysekf being one of them) but colour really does make curls, kinks and coils pop and give a really sexy look. If you’re afraid to use permanent dye, semi-permanent dye is a great way to try different looks without the damage of ammonia or bleach.

Updos are also a great look and protective style for naturalistas.

I can’t wait to try a few things with my hair this coming season. Colour sounds like fun.

What are your favourites for this spring? What will you be trying?



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