What are you being called to do?


From the last quarter of 2012 I decided that I wanted to take my relationship with Christ to another level and be closer to Him. I don’t really do new years resolutions, but if I did it would be to continue what I started in my relationship with Christ.

If I have learned anything these past couple of years is that I can’t trust anyone but God. That is the greatest lesson of my life. Anytime I think of this i’m reminded of a time during my undergrad, I was in fellowship at Christian Union and I was given a message from one of my brothers in Christ about God wanting me to trust Him completely. At the time I thought to myself, “I trust God, what kind of message is that?” Lord forgive me for my blind foolishness lol. Because what I learned the hard way could have been solved then if I had just listened and taken a step back from everything I had put ahead of my relationship with God. But I have no regrets.

The thing that consumes you is the thing you crave. Most of us are battling different kinds of addictions because we completely engulf ourselves in them. It could be food, porn, sex, relationships, friendships, the list is endless and they are likely to be the thing that causes us the most pain, grief, confusion, discontentment and depression. The things we surround ourselves with are the things we are likely to be obsessed with. Now there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, because we all have things that make us happy but if they are rooted in selfish, fleshly, obsessive desire then it is likely to be the wrong thing for us.

I really had to learn this and I thank God for the understanding I have of His word today. I have the kind of personality that can be a bit obsessive  I live on two extremes, when I’m in, I’m all in and when I’m out, I’m all out. But all things must be done in moderation and in the right time. I have often said that I think I have ADD because my attention span is so short. Even while writing this I can feel myself straying into other subject matters and wanting to talk about so many things at once. But what God has taught me is to focus on what He wants for me at any given time.

We all have a desire to do what we want to do when we want to do it. When our hearts are far from Christ we tend to live this way and feel no remorse for any thing we do that could put us in harm. We see it that it’s our lives, living from moment to moment, never thinking of what may lay ahead for us. In as our hearts are far from Christ, we have the desire to do things with our lives that are bigger than what we are today. Some of us live in fear, constantly chasing our tails with ideas in our minds of how to start, “what will people think of me? Am I any good? I don’t even have everything I need to start…” and so on. Even those of us that have decided to give our hearts to Christ struggle with these thoughts. I’m sure you’ve all heard things like, “whatever you are being called to do, you are already equip for. Start today with what you have.” I’m sure many sayings pop into mind when facing this subject, but they are so true.

You have what you need to start whatever is being laid on your heart. That tugging you are feeling inside of you to get up and do something that you feel ill prepared to do is usually the right thing. It could be to come to Christ, to be the first in your family to do something to change the course of your generations, it could be to leave the bad influences you have around you to move forward and do better. Whatever it is, I know it isn’t easy especially since what is best for us is usually what we are not used to. Your calling is likely to move you out of your comfort zone.

Now I’m sure you are reading this thinking how did you get from trusting God, to addiction, to starting something new. I put that all down to the spirit that is moving me to just type and get this message out to you. The point of it all is, what are you being called to do? Start today and put your trust in God. Don’t become obsessed with the idea of that thing, pray about it more than you speak about it and hold yourself accountable to those things once you have said them. Although we can all understand that to truly be great at something it takes somewhat of an obsession with it, but all things in moderation. That thing, that pulling and tugging at your heart is likely to be God who wants better for you than you do for yourself.


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