I’ve gone Curly Girl…well sorta


I’ve decided to go CG!

For those of you who don’t know this is a method developed by Lorraine Massey which consists of co-washing (washing your hair with conditioner), finger combing, no shampoo, no silicone and wash and go’s.

There has been much debate as to what hair type this method works best for as well as the question of using only conditioner to wash your hair. After much research on the method and how it works on my hair type via Healthy Hair and Body and What the Kink  I decided to just go ahead and try it.

I am personally still in the “finding out what works for my hair” of my natural hair journey. I like to experiment with things, especially since I love to have my natural hair out and free (what’s the point in going natural if I can’t leave it out for the world to see).

In my quest to finding a way to leave my hair out and keep it protected I decided that it would be best to condition wash on a regular basis as I did for the first few months post big chop. The frequent co-washing and wash and go’s really benefited me because not only was it quick and easy being that my hair was so short, but it also softened my hair, I never had breakage or shedding and it kept my hair moisturised. Which I think is the purpose of the curly girl method anyway

Since last Wednesday I have co-washed my hair with American Cream conditioner from Lush Cosmetics and Garnier Fructis Repair and Shine Conditioner. Of the two conditioners American Cream is the only one that is silicone free.

Now, I have nothing against the silicones because they were all up in my Tresemme conditioners that I have been using to co-wash since my big chop and since I am still fully stocked up on them I will not be wasting my money by throwing them away. Oh no, I will be using them all the way up and then I’ll switch to the Tresemme naturals conditioner and really immerse myself into this CG method.

I’ll be co-washing tonight so i’ll take some pictures and show you my routine.

Has anyone else used this method? How did you find it?


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