A beautifully written and informative braiding fact file from one of m favourite hair bloggers. When I decide to put my hair back in braids I’ll be following these steps. And I hope you all find it helpful too.


Thought I would write a long post about everything I know and everything I have learnt about braids!  I don’t braid my own hair very often but I have been braiding my daughter’s hair for two months at a time consistently for almost three years now.  Her hair has thrived and her hairline is intact.  I will share my experiences from having to take care of her hair and making sure that she benefits from braids and that they do not ruin her hair.  I hope you find this post useful.

Before getting braids

  • Try and get your hair in good condition before braiding it.  Do not use braids as a way to cover up and ignore your hair.  Rather use them as a protective style – meaning you will keep taking care of your hair, even if it is plaited.  Getting braids will not resolve any hair issues you…

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    • Your welcome. I absolutely love your blog. Even though I wear my hair natural, I have learnt some very interesting things while following your blog. I would love to wear my hair in braids as often as you do your daughter’s hair, I just have such a short attention span with extensions and get bored easily. Any tips?

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