Protective Styling…is it necessary?






20130114-120704.jpgOver the past couple of months I’ve went from box braids to senegalses twists. I did senegalese twists the day after Christmas and took them out last Wednesday because they were irritating me and I just wanted to wear my hair out.

I really enjoy leaving my hair out and having my kinks run free but I know that now with the weather being so cold protective styling is the best way to keep my hair moisturized and retain length. The myth has always been that wearing your hair in braids makes your hair grow, but how many men with long hair do you know that wore box braids to make their hair grow? Don’t worry I’ll wait…

That’s the question I have been asking myself for the past few days. I have declared this year the year of protective styling but I have a very short attention span when it comes to my hair. Especially now that I take care of my hair and style my hair myself. I Just love the look and feel of my hair being out.

Although I have upped the moisture in my hair care routine I understand the benefits of protective styling. Whether its a wig or braids, any style that allows for minimum manipulation to the hair is best. There are many natural and relaxed ladies who swear by protective styles and agree that it has helped them in retaining length. But in personally don’t think it is always necessary or essential. I have found in my 8 months of being natural that as long as you are taking care of your hair, it will grow. I have only used heat 3 times since going natural and that was to stretch my hair with a blow dry to do my braids. I have now decided to remain heat free and see how it goes.

Although I don’t agree that protective styling doesn’t make a difference to growth I do believe that it is a great way to create versatile styles. I have just discovered and that’s about to be my new addiction lol because I wants me some Havana Twist hair. I also want a natural looking weave to create a wig cap or a weave style.

Here are some of my favourite Natural hair Youtubers talking about protective styling

I absolutely relate to everything MahogonyCurls. Love this beautiful lady.

LongHairDontCareLLC is great at breaking things down and explaining things. She really takes her time to make you understand what things are or mean. This video is great for anyone that wants to know the difference between protective styling and low manipulation styles. I also love the hair family explanation.




3 thoughts on “Protective Styling…is it necessary?

  1. Protective styling is a myth, maybe not for everybody but it is a myth that they are somehow beneficial for all people. I have hip length hair and I have grown out long hair over a gazillion times in my thirty years of life, in less than a year’s worth of time. But I did but into this once because I was told it would prevent me from getting split ends. As a trade off, my hair started breaking…badly. I am talking about loose, low manipulation buns with hair friendly accessories and simple two braid styles, and yes, my hair started breaking. Now I wear my hair loose every day and it never breaks and I rarely get all of one split which is no biggie compared to breakage. Maybe ppl with thick, highly porous hair should wear protective styles, but for fine, low porosity hair, I say, steer clear! Our hair holds onto moisture well once the moisture actually gets in and it takes a long time to dry, so when we go moisturizing it and tucking it away, we can easily over soften it and cause it to break. You want to prevent split ends, unless you are genetically lucky you cannot really manipulate science. Do catnip tea rinses, they will reduce split ends but ultimately, do not skip trimming. That is one way I could have avoided them before. Our hair gets old, it’s a fact of life.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Thanks for reading my blog and thank you for you comment. I’m 13 months Into growing my hair out and I’ve realised that my hair flourishes when it is out and free as long as I’m keeping it moisturised and washing when necessary. I used to stay in braids, cornrows and weaves and my hair did well but now that I’m natural I can’t keep braids in my hair for long. I have fine, dense hair so there is a lot of hair on my head and twist outs and braid outs are all I usually wear and my hair is doing great. Although my hair shrinks a lot, I don’t mind and I embrace it as my hair has retained its length since cutting it. I just need to get a grip on my hands constantly playing in my hair because I know it eats up my hair’s moisture and it makes it tangle more and this leads to breakage. But all in all I agree with you 100%

      • My comment chopped off but I wanted to add that I agree in embracing your shrinkage. I think that some ppl want to argue the health behind excessive braiding because they hate their shrinkage and want to experience the length.

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