Bring on 2013!


Out of sight truly isn’t out of mind. Although I’ve been away (busy with my masters ans work…the life of a student) I am so excited for the things I want to do in 2013 concerning this blog and my career path of journalism.

I’ve learned so many things in 2012, like trusting in God and doing what I know and feel is right and best for me, health, fitness and let’s not forget my (newly) natural hair. It has been a year full of trials but as the good book says, joy comes in the morning and it certainly did. Every time I thought i was defeated, by God’s grace I was able to overcome.

With 2012 blowing out like a candle in the wind, it’s time to focus ahead on to the future. I never really make new years resolutions because I feel that everyday is a chance to do what you should and want to do, so I already know what I need to focus on in the coming year. Communication, focus and discipline are my three main objectives for this 2013. Every years my goal is to improve on the good things that started in the previous year and work my way out of old bad habits that I no longer want to be bound to. 

I want to start communicating regularly with my loved ones just to let them know on a regular basis how much they are on my mind. With so many lives lost in 2012, it really touched my heart and what good is it saying how much you love someone after they are gone when you had the chance to say it when they were alive. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

I know I need to focus more on everything I do. When I put my all into things they always turn out better. So focus applies to all areas of my life. This short attention span won’t hold me back any longer. I proclaim it and I will change it by force.

Discipline works hand in hand with focus. As long as I can be disciplined in everything that is right in my life I know that all will be well.

All in all, I want to do more than the minimum requirement in 2013. I know there is no magic spell that takes over everyone’s lives once the clock strikes 12 into 2013 and anything you want that is worth having is going to take work. I can honestly say that I am ready.

The peace of mind I have right now about my life is indescribable and that is my driving force. Knowing that doing what you feel in your heart is truly right is always the way forward.

Happy New Year everyone!


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