Protective Styling: I braided my hair in extensions by myself, for the first time!

Winter is all about protective styling. I mentioned all about how drying the cold air can be in a previous post. As I was growing tired of leaving my hair out in wash and go’s (wet hair and cold London air don’t mix) I decided to braid my hair.

Long hair don’t care and no make up

This was my first time ever braiding my hair by myself and it isn’t bad for a first attempt.

I decided to do it myself since braiding it at a salon would cost me £50 and I figured, as a thrifty masters student, I have 2 able hands so why not start braiding my hair myself. Thank God for Youtube. Now that I’ve done it I know what to do to improve for the next time.

I used Expressions 100% Kanekalon jumbo hair in colour 33 which is a burgundy colour and that blonde colour I have had sitting in my hair stash for a while now.

It took me 3 packets of hair and 5 hours to complete and that’s start and stop time included, not bad huh?

I’ll be leaving it in my hair for 4 weeks in total. I’ve had it in for a week now so 3 more to go. I’m happy with the way it turned out and I’ve had some really nice compliments. I definitely want to experiment more with protective styles.

What are your protective styles for the winter?


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