7 Things I Learned Watching James Bond/ Skyfall Review


I got the chance to see Skyfall after all my excitement leading up to October 26th and wasn’t disappointed. While thinking of ways to review this without giving too much away I decided to share with you what I learned while watching this movie.

1.) It won’t always be easy to tell who your enemies areWith that said, it’s none of your business all of the time. All you need to do is what your supposed to be doing and they’ll get what’s coming to them.

2.) Never show your enemies any sign of weakness even when they can see that you’re tired. Either excuse yourself or excuse them.

3.) You can fail the exam and still do the job you were born to do. What is meant to be will be.

4.) What’s done in the dark is also done in the light. What you do in secret, you most likely do when everyone is watching. So if you kill people as a secret agent, eventually people will see you. It becomes too much a part of you to  hide it.

5.) In order for you to win someone has to lose. In order for you to live, someone has to die. It’s the circle of life.

6.) You can’t teach an old dogs new tricks, the old way works just fine. New technology makes everyone an expert these days, but it’s the people that are trained in the old way that have the job you want and have excellent finishers.

7.) Elegance, Class and Charm can take you anywhere you want to be. Say. No. More


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