Ciara ‘Sorry’

In the spirit of giving new music a chance, a few days ago I listened to Ciara’s new single Sorry for the first time along with watching the music video. In my opinion this song is like a combination of Ginuwine’s ‘Difference’s and Ciara’s previous smash hit ‘Promise’, but all in all it is a really good song.

I can see that Ciara is now giving her audience more of herself in her music and that’s a step in the right direction since her musical career went silent for a few years despite the popularity of her song ‘Ride’ two years ago. Whether it was down to the record label or managing or conflict of interest or lack of promotion, whatever the case may be as long as Ciara can get those radio spins and promotion on point then there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be winning. The last thing we want is a repeat of the lack of common sense and promotion of self that was the 2010 VMA performance with NERD. In saying that, if nothing else Ciara sure can dance her ass off.

This is a great song and a lovely video. Well done Ciara 🙂


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