September Fitness Challenge Day 11


I decided not to do a Day 10 post because I really didn’t do anything. However on Day 11, that was a fantastic day 🙂

I started off my day with a good morning jog at 6:45am because that was what I wanted to do the night before and ended up not doing it. I must say it felt great.

I only did 3.78km which is pretty good for my first real jog. This is definitely something I’m going to continue doing.

Morning workouts feel the best to me and I love doing them. It gets my day off to a great start. I ended my workout with a small bowl of weetabix with milk and a glass of water.

I even took the pics of myself that are at the top of the page to make myself more accountable and I be able to track my progress so I won’t get lazy again.

Throughout the day I really felt the workout in my legs and in my arms a little bit.

I’m really starting to change the way I eat which is an achievement for me. Even my family are takin notice. My mum still thinks its strange that I’m working out now because she’s always saying how I should put on weight and that I have no weight to lose or tone up. But I guess she’ just being a mum. I’ll have to sit down and let her know that this is more about getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle than anything else.

I can definitely tone up in places and maintain a healthy weight.

Day 11 Tip: If it feel right and it’s not bad then it probably is right.

Getting fit is something I’ve always wanted to do but never knew where to start. Now that I’ve finally started I know that it is the right thing to do.

It may not be the norm where you’re from but right will always be right. Like I’ve previously said, if I can eliminate a number of health disorders, diseases and illnesses by getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle then that’s what I’ll do. Things that become habit from a young age are the thins that will cause you less stress in the future.


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