Lush Hair Care Haul


One of the many privileges of working at Lush Cosmetics is that you get to try out the lovely new products so you can tell people how great they are. So I finally got my box of goodies 🙂

I’ve already decided which ones my hair is going to love based on the ingredients and shop floor discussions with my colleagues lol. But without any further ado here are the new hair care products.

Sea Spray


It’s a sea salt hair mist that hold styles as it has a bit of gel in it. I love the way this product smells and feels. Its consistency is really nice.

As you can see it gives the hair shine and doesn’t flake up because of the gel. This is part of the Big family with fresh sea salt fragrances.

Fair Trade Honey

This is a honey shampoo which boasts of 50% actual honey in each bottle. It also has geranium oil and neroli oil in there too.


When I smelt this shampoo for the first time at work I didn’t like it but now having my own bottle it actually doesn’t smell too bad. It really smells like pure honey and the great thing about it is that you just need one wash with it as it lathers up so much. This looks like it will be a winner.



It’s a thick creamy hair treatment for thin and fine hair made with fresh mint, peppermint and spearmint to invigorated the scalp and promote healthy blood circulation and hair growth. It also has honey, neroli oil and extra virgin olive oil. This pre-shampoo treatment will lay the hair follicle down flat and give it enough shine to look glossy but still keep the hair fresh and light.
This is another one that I wasn’t sure of the smell but it actually smells great. So fresh and minty, similar to Hair Doctor for those of you who are familiar with that treatment but not as strong in scent. I would say it’s more a the Dirty fragrance minty smell.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So good they named it twice lol. This is a conditioning hair perfume with a fresh fragrance made from rose, orange blossom, neroli, orange flower and grapefruit.


Now I would say that this will probably be a 1.5 strength conditioner. Where veganese is the lightest conditioner in lush and American Cream is the double strength, this one sits between those two. It has Almond Milk and Jojoba Oil in it, this is a combination I love on the lush products because they are so moisturising.



The lovely banana shampoo. This one looks like a favourite not just because of its spicy banana fragrance but because it’s great for damaged hair, Afro hair, fragile hair, bleached hair, dyed hair, any hair that needs particularly more moisture and tender loving care.

A quarter of the pot is fresh banana mixed with scalp cleansing pimento berry, clove bus and star anise decoction and super conditioning cupuacu and cocoa butters. This looks like it will be a treat.

Shine so Bright and Superbalm


Shine so bright is a hair balm for split ends made with extra virgin coconut oil, Shea butter, candlellia wax, extra virgin olive oil, neroli oil, grapefruit oil, rosewood oil and fresh free range eggs. As there is nothing that can get rid of split ends or seal them up, the only cure is to trim them off, but his product can actually prevent then as it seals the ends of the hair and it can make split ends lie flat to give off the appearance that you don’t have any. So I would say trim those split ends and use shine so bright to prevent getting them again 🙂

Now Superbalm is a scalp treatment like Lush’s lovely Snake Oil. Made with extra virgin coconut oil, candlelilla wax, rose wax, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil and rose absolute. This one I great for soothing, healing and nourishing the scalp. A good healthy scalp grows goo healthy hair. Now this product it quite waxy so apply and massage in scalp in moderation and wash out with your shampoo.

Big Conditioner




This one looks like its going to be my absolute favourite. It smells gorgeous and has super conditioning ingredients. It even feels soft and you can see the moisture in your hands after holding it.

I’m going to try the Blousey first and post a pic of what it did to my hair.
Follow me on Instagram for pics: officialmia90

😉 x


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