September Fitness Challenge Day 6

I had to let my body rest after the workout I had the previous evening. Although I did go for a brisk walk, it was nothing that I’m not used to. I think I’m getting used to the intense workouts so I did feel quite lazy not working out.

However, I made a great change today in my diet. I ate breakfast for the first time in God knows how long. I had porridge and hated it lol. I’ll have to find an alternative way to make it or an alternative breakfast altogether.
Eating three square meals gave me the energy I needed to get through the day alert and energised. It wasn’t just the eating it was what I ate. I had an avocado and crayfish salad for lunch and sweet and sour chicken and rice for dinner. I also has strawberries and an apple to take care of my sugar cravings. And I drank a sufficient amount of water today and it actually felt refreshing.

I’ll be doing a good workout for day 7 to not let myself get lazy.

Day 6 Tip: Balance

Everything in life is about balance. There is no point in me doing 3 hour workouts and not eating right or me eating right and being lazy. And even when I’m doing these things being extreme will only wear my body out. Rest can be a good thing, but don’t get lazy now. You still have to get up and continue working hard.


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