September Fitness Challenge Day 5

I did the most intense workout of my life. I’m convinced that my trainer wants to kill me lol. But I felt so good after.

My session started with a BP test, postural test and a BMI test. My goal is now to lose 6 pounds in 3-4 months and tone up, improve my posture, and to maintain good health and fitness. It’s funny how you think you’re ok until a professional comes along and tells you otherwise. I’m definitely happy with my new goals. This is where things get more intense.

After going through my food diary with my trainer Shaun, I could see where I have been going wrong and I had I make a commitment to the changes I want to make as I want them o be permanent life changes.

Day 5 Tip: Commit to a change for life not just for a season.

Most times we want to get the bikini body then put on the weight through the winter and then struggle to keep a new years resolution to lose weight gain. If you say you want to be fit let it be a commitment for your health and wellbeing.


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