September Fitness Challenge Day 3


On Day 3 I decided to do a workout at home and my nephew decided that he was going to join me. We did squats, abs and a full body workout. His determination really encourage me. Although he’s only four and a violist couldn’t do everything properly it was just the fact that he was telling me that we should workout and was very enthusiastic about it.

Day 3 Tip: Master the basics and keep it fun.

I used my time to check out videos of how to master the basic squat and sit up/crunch. People have different ways of doing it and tend to be doing it wrong a lot of the time which can in the long run cause damage to your spine and knees.

I also learnt through working out with my nephew how fun it can be and how it shouldn’t feel like a chore. It may be difficult to begin with but the more you train your body the better it will get.


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