September Fitness Challenge Day 1


There I was sitting in my room Saturday morning thinking what am I going to do to start off this Fitness Challenge, when my friend sent me a message saying he wanted to go to the gym and there began the challenge.

We walked to the gym which took us 30 mins, cardio covered…ok maybe strolling doesn’t cover it. So as soon as we got to the gym we got on the cycling machines. That’s when we were approached by a personal trainer.

He stood there getting to know us and asked us what we wanted from the gym and what goals we wanted to achieve. Being that our overall goals were similar (wanting to improve fitness and work on abs and stay healthy) he took us through a workout routine.

He shared lots of interesting tips and information and even gave me a food diary to fill out. I guess it’s safe I say that I now have a personal trainer. Which in all honesty is exactly what I need because I know left to me I’ll be amongst the statistic of people who leave the gym within 4-6 weeks of membership. Also knowing that me and my friend have now become accountable for each other it makes it more encouraging.

September Fitness Challenge Day 1 Tip: Create a support system and become accountable.

If you truly want to make a change you have to admit that it can’t be done alone and you must make yourself responsible for the effort you put in to make that change.


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