Get it right, get it tight! September Fitness Challenge

This week has been an eventful one. Not only did it start as a long weekend, it was carnival and being that I live in the middle of it all it was a guarantee that I’ll be getting in on the action. However, just fully recoving from being ill, I knew I had to take it easy. Needless to say, I had a hoot of a time just like every other year with lots of laughs but unlike the previous years I relaxed a lot more than I usually would have.
You see before getting sick I started hitting the gym with the personal goal of improving my fitness and upper body strength and toning up. Not sure whether my sickness was due to me overdoing things or the fact that the weather became increasingly hot and my hayfever took over. Either way I had to stop. Two weeks, a pack of antibiotics and a follow up doctors appointment later I’m now faced with the problem that made me want to get fit in the first place.

I’ve been having reoccuring headaches for a long time with no particular pattern and mostly on the left side of my head. After discussing this with my gp the headaches were diagnosed as stress related, which I kind of knew. My time managment has become so poor and disorganised and I always have so much to do even when I’m doing nothing. I felt so out of balance as my gp looked me in my face and told me “the causes may be that you’re too busy (so much to do and not enough time), you’re drinking too much fizzy drinks especially cola (I’m addicted to coca cola), you’re not getting enough sleep (I sleep late and wake up early with lots on my mind).”

Right there and then I decided that I need to make a permanant change. Although my blood pressure is excellent (according to my gp), there are a lot of things I want to change about my health and fitness. I want to get rid of my gut since whenever I put on weight it goes mostly to my stomach, I want to drink more water and eat more healthily and most of all I just want to improve on my fitness and strength. I know all these goals take consistency and self-control and I can honestly say that I’m at a point where I have no choice.

Looking at the medical history of my family which isn’t bad but also isnt great, I feel the best way to cut the risk of certain things that may be hereditary is to just get fit and satay healthy.

So I am setting up a September fitness challenge for myself. My main goals are to cut out my sugar intake by replacing sweets with fruits as I have a real bad sweet tooth. I also want to workout 6 days a week doing at least 30 minutes of exercise and remaining active on the 7th day by alternating gym workouts, outdoor workouts and home workouts to keep things fun and interesting. I will be monitoring my headaches throughout this time as I want them to stop.

Feel free to join me and share tips and even encouragment in the comments. My first September Fitness Challenge post will be tomorrow.

Here’s to healthy living 🙂



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