Trey Songz: Chapter V

The day has finally come that Trey Songz new album Chapter V is unleashed to the world and I’ve got my copy.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t like this album, I thought I would get the CD and be disappointed. I purposely refrained from listening to leaked songs and things of that nature as I usually do whenever an artist I like is working on and promoting a new project. I try to be as loyal as possible and wait for the release date to get the album and be surprised. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Chapter V goes full circle from the introduction to the last track. Trey has described this album as being a compilation of everything he is famous for and that’s definitely a way to describe it. From the panty dropping slow jams Dive In and Panty Wetter, club anthem 2 Reasons, the catchy pop chorus Simply Amazing and the heart break anthem Heart Attack.

My personal favourites form the album right now are Don’t Be Scared feat Rick Ross which I thought was an instant banger from the composition of the beat to the way the lyrics flow through the beat , Pretty Girl Lie which i found to tell a really interesting story that I’m sure I’ve heard before but was pulled into by Trey’s smooth assertiveness and Never Again which he sang another sad love song over a Curtis Mayfield sampled beat.

My favorite Trey Songz album is still Ready and my favourite mixtape still Anticipation. I think that whole era was very defining for his career.

In celebration of 5 albums, which is pretty much a big deal as a lot of r&b artists from the 00s and 10s can’t boast, here are my favourite songs from each chapter.

Now I’m going to be strict with myself and only choose one song from each chapter 😦 .

Chapter 1: I Gotta Make It

Chapter 2: Trey Day

Chapter 3: Ready

Chapter 4: Passion, Pain, Pleasure

Chapter 5: Chapter V





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