Music and Me: Michael Jackson

Music means a lot to me as it forms the soundtrack to my life and springs forth lots of wonderful childhood memories. Music has and will always hold a special place in my heart because I attach it to different stages and phases of my life. I’ve always noticed that when something is about to happen to me there is always a particular song that pretty much dictates how things will happen, from break ups to new relationships and new beginnings.

Every so often I find myself listening to a particular artists music for a period of time. For the past 10 days I’ve been listening to nothing but Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. I even took to witter last week to express my current obsession. I recently said mentioned in a previous post that I thrive off of inspiration and ambition. Well I must also say that I thrive off of obsession as well. The people that inspire me most in life not only have ambition in common but also obsession, an obsession with their passion.

Michael Jackson and his music means so much to me as it takes me to a place of innocence. Reminding me of times me and my older brother would dance around the living room pretending to be Michael Jackson as we watched Moonwalker.

For the past week and a half I’ve watched all kinds of interviews and old TV show footage and performances from The Jackson 5 with Sonny and Cher to the Martin Bashir Interview and listened to everything from I Want You Back to This Is It.

There is something about those Jackson 5 harmonies and Michael’s flawlessly strong vocals back in the day that just gets me excited. Micheal’s passion in the lyrics even as a child and his smooth solo vocals that melts my heart. God rest MJ’s soul.

Here are a few of my favourite videos that I’ve watched this week and a half.

I wish I could put every video I watched on this post *sigh*…talent!


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