Interesting hair facts I found while at work


As I was looking for facts and studies on blood flow and hair growth, I came across a picture of Naomi Campbell’s every receding hair line on the Daily Mail Online.

It’s just going from bad to worse…smh

I then came across a very interesting piece of information on the Trichological Society about Afro Hair. Apparently massaging the scalp of afro hair does not promote hair growth but could in fact cause hair breakage, so it’s best not to do so.

Really? So all the research i’ve done about promoting hair growth with scalp massages has been a waste of time? They also said, “Remove braids, plaits, weave-on’s after a maximum of 3 months and do not redo this for at least 6 months. Do not apply oils on an itchy scalp. ”

Can anyone clarify whether this is true or not? Do scalp massages really not work on afro hair? Can you really not apply oils on an itchy scalp?


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