Expecting from others what you won’t do yourself!


By now the world knows about the fuss with Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas’ hair and Oprah checking a fan. So I’m not going to bore you with the details.

The only thing that I’m going to say is how people always expect from others more than they would do themselves. And why do people (black people and a majority not all) worry about the wrong things. Since the Olympics started one thing i’ve heard with my own ears is young black girls worrying about how the female athletes will have trouble finding a man to have sex with and be in a relationship due to their athletic build. So the whole Gabby Douglas hair thing was not a surprise to me.

I’m sure other races discuss such frivolous things but why is it that as black people we can’t celebrate good things instead of nit picking and looking for the bad in everything. As I told a friend today, the way you speak about your own is the way outsiders will regard them. If you speak badly of your mother in front of your friend, you can’t be mad when your friend comes in your house and disrespects her because you have the person the right to.

In the case of Oprah, that’s why I love her, she is quick to put you in your place if the occasion calls for it.


That’s what was said on twitter. My thing is, people will always expect more from you than they are willing to do themselves. Especially if you have the kind of money that Oprah has. It’s crazy that as much as Oprah has given, people still expect more and really an truly she doesn’t need to do anything. She didn’t have to help as many people as she did, but she did. As much as one must obey their life’s calling, it is still a matte of choice. If you cannot do for yourself, don’t expect someone else to come along and do anything. If we don’t help build our own communities into better places, what right do we have to complain that nothing is being done.

We really need to do better.


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