Event: African Bridal Show


This weekend, as soon as I was able to tear myself away from watching the Olympics. I was privileged to go to The African Bridal show.

I was pleasantly surprised I see sonny creative women offering so many unique services. So much so that I had to whip out the camera and take some pictures to share with you all.

The event was held in a lovely venue by Regent Street. It was set up on two floors full of stalls/tables beautifully decorated by each service and it’s owner.

One of the first stalls I stopped at was Yaa Ataa who specialise in couture bags.


As we know African inspired fashion is a thriving trend, Yaa Ataa use African prints to create one of a kind bags, hair accessories, phone and ipad cases as well as fashionable cloaks.


The lady on the right creates the designs and makes the accessories by hand. She was lovely and explained that you can bring your own material to her to create a one of a kind design. Check out her website Yaa Ataa Bags

Another person I met was this lovely lady


She had on display some of the most beautiful and creative wedding cakes I’ve seen in a long time. She also had samples of the cakes for people to taste. I tried the red velvet and when I say that cake was mouth watering…mmm.

Here are some of the cakes.



You can check out more creations by Ty Couture on

I also got a chance to see and taste some other lovely cakes by Panari




And this cake was my absolute favourite


Simply beautiful

Now, I have a thing about invitations. I have never liked plain white invitations because I don't feel it does an occasion justice. A creative invitation sets the tone of your event, it gives insight to the invitee on what to expect. So when I came across bibi Invitations I was very pleased and impressed. These invitations are inspired by the rich and luxurious patterns on the fabrics of African origin.



Here are two of my particular favourites



One of the creators of this service is named Chinelo. She was on hand to explain to me the elaborate designs of the invitations. She also said that the invitations can be designed according to the colour theme of your party. So I have to shout Chinelo out for talkig me through everything.

Another interesting service was Kemi Boutique which specialises in plus size bridal and evening couture.


Kemi who is photographed with her designs does both ready to wear and bespoke couture dressmaking.
Thank you Kemi for taking the time to show me the designs even if it was briefly.



You can also find Kemi of twitter @kemiboutique and Facebook: kemiboutique

There were some jewellery services as well. Specialising in beads designs, fan designs and jewellery for your wedding day.

This is Pretty Woman


The lady on the left makes head beads for traditional weddings by hand as modelled on her head in the picture. She also ties gele for the bride as modelled on her daughter on the right.

Here is Loyatobs Creations
This a mother and daughter business that started 10 years ago as a hobby. They both create bespoke bead designs



They also create fans both according to theme and chosen material for the occasion.



Lastly I got to check out Lovely Notebooks

Lovely Notebooks are designed, handcrafted and made from the finest luxurious printed fabrics by Carissa Abraham. They are available in suede, African print and original hand printed design. This business was the award winner for BBI Best New Business Award 2011an features in Stylist Magazine 2012, Pride Magazine 2012 and The Voice Newspaper 2012.


These can be used as party favours or for your own personal use. I definitely have to get my hands on one of these babies.

I have to shout out two lovely ladies I met helping their mum during the event. They were very bubbly and hopefully if they read this they’ll know I’m talking about them. Their mum specialises in event planning. Taking care of every detail so you don’t have to.

I would have loved to see KamKaiLo who designs handmade, bespoke African inspired, patchwork style cushions.


I got a goodie bag with lots of business cards to take home and a lovely African Bridal Show pocket mirror.


Oh and before I forget, what’s a bridal event without hair services.


MZ Hair were there to show off their soft virgin hair from India, Peru and South America. You can find them on Facebook: mzhair weft or mzhair inc

I had a good time and the verdict overall is it was small and organised and had everything that you would need to create the wedding you want and have dreamed of.


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