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Hello there and Happy New Month!
This year is going by so quickly but I’m not complaining. I guess it only feels that way because I’ve been keeping so busy, especially these past couple of weeks. I’ve been spending time with my grandmother and it’s been amazing. She’s almost in her 90’s so whatever little time I can spend with her I jump at the chance just to listen some words of wisdom and experience.

I’ve also recently started an 8 week internship with a magazine in Bauer media. I feel so blessed right now to know that I’m taking forward steps to fulfilling my passion to become a great journalist. I thrive off of inspiration, so at times like this I think of the humble beginnings of my personal role models like Oprah Winfrey and Funmi Iyanda who make me want to be the best representation of myself and my culture.

This blog really is a way for me to share with the world what I have to offer. I meet so many interesting, amazing and inspirational everyday people on a daily basis. As I’ve mentioned previously, I work at Lush and as long as you’re familiar with the company you can only imagine the kinds of people I meet everyday. A lot of whom I’d like to interview and I most definitely will. I want to share a lot of what I learn and the people I learn things from with everyone who reads this blog. Now all that I need is a camera to get things into full swing lol.

Now I’m definitely rambling on, just wanted to share a little of what was on my mind.

Once again thank you to all of you who view, read and like what you see on my blog. I appreciate it.


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