The Unwritten Rules: Let’s Talk About Hair

I really enjoy watch web series shows and one of my favourites is The Unwritten Rules. This web series is a comedic take on the realities of an African-American woman working in a predominantly white workplace.

I love it because I can relate to it and it definitely is funny to see someone acting out what you go through.

In this particular episode we see Racey’s co-workers react to her braided hair.

All my life I’ve dealt with the comments and questions like ‘do you wash your hair?’, ‘wow, I didn’t know your hair was so soft’ and ‘oh so it’s not your hair, so what, do they stick it to your scalp?’

All laughable comments. Now that I’m wearing my hair natural natural, everyone wants to touch it like i’m some kind of furby.

Have you ever dealt with the same thing?

Share your stories. 🙂


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