Frank Ocean…What it means to be free…

(picture posted by Beyonce on her blog)

“Whoever you are, Wherever you are…I’m starting to think we’re a lot alike. Human beings spinning on blackness. All wanting to be seen, touched, heard, paid attention to.”

By now the whole world has had an opinion on what they think of Frank Ocean and his sexual preference. In a poetic letter he writes about his first real love who he met four summers ago. A love so familiar, so genuine, so stupid…only his was experienced with another man.

Many are accusing this of being a publicity stunt, some are acting out in hate, anger and rejection, while the rest are applauding his bravery. Then there are the folks like myself, who have never been moved by or have never gotten into the the whole Frank Ocean hype and can just about put face to name to song. Regardless of that fact, one cannot hear of such a beautiful baring of ones soul and simply ignore it or pass it by.

Having read so many comments on the subject I can’t help but think “never let anyone know how ignorant you are” (word to Makael from The Skorpion Show). As much as I don’t agree with his sexual preference mainly due to my own personal spiritual beliefs and it’s those same beliefs that could cause me too to act out negatively and chastise Frank. However, i’m reminded of love.

There is something about someone expressing love so unapologetic that I can’t help but respect. I may not like it, but i respect it. Fearless in his approach with words of a confused teenager. Telling a story of a love that has been felt a million times over by people all over the world. A yearning to receive love the same way one has given love. I applaud anyone that can stand in the midst of a crowded world where people are constantly conforming to what is expected of them in the quest to find themselves and say, this is what it is. Not this is who I am, but this is what happened.

Truth be told Frank never said he was gay or bisexual, but as human beings we have to put labels on things for us to function. The music industry is a tough place just as the world is and I respect Frank for having the courage to be honest. Imagine, life is so tough that one has to be courageous to be honest.

Is it better to keep what is real bottled up inside all for the sake of pleasing the world? Would it make you more comfortable to believe he is singing “Thinking about you” to a woman? I can’t lie, I now hear one of my favourite songs “I Miss You” (a song Frank wrote for Beyonce’s album “4”) and think hmmmm with a raised eyebrow.

I have always believed that when you speak out, you set yourself free from the bondage of a lie you have kept hidden in your heart and the devil no longer has power over that battle. Frank Ocean’s truth has set him free, I hope we can all stop judging long enough to look in our own hearts and be freed of our own mental battles.


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