What do you use on your skin and why?

Hi People!

The weather has been so lovely these past few days, I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as me 🙂

I’m sure you must be taken back by the post title since I usually post about music and entertainment, but I’m going to start mixing things up a little bit.

I’ve been working as a beauty consultant for over a year now. I started working for Mary Kay Cosmetics after receiving a free facial and purchasing their popular skin care range ‘The Miracle Set’ which worked wonders on my skin.

I have also been working for Lush Cosmetics for almost a year where I have been learning so much and natural cosmetics. So, consulting is what I do. Whether I’m at Lush or dealing with my Mary Kay customers, one thing I always get asked since I’m always teaching people what to use on their skin is, ‘what do you use on my skin?’

After using nothing but the Miracle Set for a year and getting wonderful results, my skin began to change and no longer worked on my skin.

Initially the products cleared my blemishes and breakouts, kept my skin soft and smooth and revived my complexion. However, with the drastic weather change we had in London in January/February my skin started to react and I started getting breakouts and blemishes. My skin that has always been quite normal to dry began to get very oily. I’m guessing my skin was just getting too confused and was just reacting to everything.

After realizing that I pretty much do the exact same thing I do with my Mary Kay at Lush, I then had to recommend some natural Lush skin care products for myself to calm the reaction.

So I am currently using Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion as a cleanser both morning and night.

I use Ultrabland cleanser to remove make up in the evening. I still use 9 to 5 as a cleanser because Ultrabland is very creamy and too heavy to be left on my skin.

I use Tea Tree Water as my toner to remove and residue

Then I use Imperialis facial moisturizer as I have found that it helps with my oily t-zone.

I use these products to bring my skin back into balance. I have just started this routine just over a week ago and already I’m seeing results.

What do you use on your skin and why?


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