Open Discussion: Nas- Daughters

The way mothers feel for their sons, is how fathers feel for their daughters.

Nas released the video for his very open and honest track ‘Daughters’ a couple days ago. Being someones daughter, I really felt this track.

The video plays out from the eyes of his daughter Destiny Jones. For anyone who hasn’t seen it check it out below.

Nas was inspired to write the song earlier this year after his daughter shared a photo of a bowl of condoms on her instagram and a new white Mercedes Benz that she affectionately named, ‘Cocaine’. And we get to see the whole situation play out through Destiny’s point of view, which is how most of the video is shot.

Through the eyes of Destiny, we get to see how the time her father helped her take her first steps turns into seeing her dad at her third birthday party. Then that day he took her for ice cream and stopped to holler at some honey on the street turns into that time she saw dad getting turned up in the studio with a couple of floozies. So while the video shows Destiny getting into her share of trouble throughout her formative teen years, we also get to see Nas’ shortcomings as a father.

I have always thought that what a man does to other women is what another man will do to their daughters. In my personal opinion, you can never be too protective of your children especially girls as they tend to rebel in their own way no matter how good they are. Whether it be publicly or sneakily. Girls tend to always be looking for what they have been missing.

I really like how the video portrays the song. Especially the little things like Destiny ignoring her dad’s phone call. As a girl I understand how it is dealing with parents. Sons are treated very differently. You get so used to your mother’s “nagging” and straight talk and you know that your dad doesn’t really speak to you the same way your mum does. As tough as fathers like to think they are, they really are softies when it comes to girls and usually get mum to do the dirty work like saying no to the things you want. I’ve also found that as you grow up, mums tend to be more understanding and you can open up to them more like a sister. Maybe that’s just me as an only girl between two boys.

I’ really like it when I hear big stars talking about their growing daughters from Will Smith and Willow to Jamie Foxx and Corrine.

Does a father’s actions really determine the way his daughter behaves?

What are your thoughts?


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