Music Videos: Trey Songz (W/ Kelly Rowland) and Justin Bieber

The videos for two of my favourite songs of the moment have officially dropped and although they are a few days old I still had to share them with the world once again.

Trey Songz recruited Kelly Rowland as his leading lady for the Heart Attack Video. Check it out below

Everyone knows I love me some Trey Songz and I must admit that Trey and Kelly make a cute couple. I’m not even jealous and I wouldn’t be mad if they made it happen.

First sex wasn’t better than love, now the love feels like a heart attack, but I still love you Trey 😉

The video is cute but was a little predictable. I really wish there was more drama, especially in the car scene but all in all it was nice. Kelly looked beautiful. Someone please tell me where I can get that natural curly hair weave…I want that. And Trey left the sexual stimulation at home for this video, I see you prepping us for your acting debut. You Go Boy! *in my Martin Lawrence voice*

This is the first official single for Trey Chapter V album, coming soon.

Its the Biebs!

This video has only been up for 3 days and it already has over 17,000,000 views. If the Bielibers aren’t the most hyped fans ever…*sigh*

Justin Bieber is really maturing and growing into his own and I’m not mad at that at all. I love the song. I actually thought the video would be that whole green screen thing in the beginning but I like the whole Grease race track setting. His videos are always cute and this is no exception.

This is the first official single for Justin’s Believe album, coming June 18th in the UK and June 19th in the US.

*On a side note* Justin if you’re gonna do the dougie, please do it properly sir.




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