What do Adele, Lionel Messi and Goodluck Jonathan have in common?

They have all made the Time Magazine 100 most influential people list for 2012.

Also making the list are musician, Rihanna and Raphael Saadiq, President Brack Obama, Actress Viola Davis and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton along side her sister Pippa.

Whether or not you agree with the list or even like it, everyone on the list definitely deserves to be there.

Check out the list to see what was said about each person

Forbes also put out their Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Rappers List.

P diddy topped the list with a net worth of $550 Million. Followed by Jay Z being worth $460 Million, Dr Dre $270 Million, Birdman $125 Million and 50 Cent $110 Million.

*Bass guitar starts playing* “Money. money, money, moneeey…mooonneey!”

I’m about to make myself a solid business plan and keep it moving.



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