Better Late than Never: Blog Catch up Part 3

Good things always happen in 3’s, so here’s the final part of the catch up

Tupac at Coachella?!

This scared the hell out of me when I saw it. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre performed a set at Coachella this past weekend and had a whole gang of their friends performing with them from Warren G to the late great Tupac. Check it out below:

That 3d hologram (that Tupac’s mother approved) was on point and that performance was both epic and eery.

The Mohits break up saga continues

I’ve been biting my tongue since I heard about this and will continue to do so until the truth and whole truth comes out. What’s done in the dark will surely come to light and despite all the emails and side taking I will continue to sit back and watch because the person that knows the truth won’t keep quiet forever. Plus I’m sure they’ll sort themselves out before you know it. At least I hope so, because this embarrasment is getting to be too much even for me as a spectator. Still love these guys

Justice is on it’s way and we Thank God for it finally coming. This whole Trayvon Martin Case has been a very sad but worth while cause and thanks to the audio tapes and everyone being so vocal about the way they felt about the siuation Geroger Zimmerman has been arrested for 2nd Dergee Murder.

What happened with Trayvon is a said but common reality. God have mercy on us all. Although it may take some time before the case comes to a conclusion but i’ll definitely be paying attention every step of the way.



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