Better late than never: Blog Catch-up Part 1

I said I would catch up on all the interesting things that have gone on in news,  music and entertainment since I’ve been away, so here it is.

So  much has happened so I’m just giving you my best bits.

Beyonce revamped her official website, published her first tweet (mind you on an account that has over 3 milllion followers and was activated like 3 years ago) and created a personal tumblr site to pst personal pictures to share with her fans. If you haven’t checked it out by now, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself but here’s the link anyway

I love how she’s opening up and just living her life. You can tell she is happy and enjoying marriage and motherhood. She’s also back to work as her Atlantic City REVEL Resort shows for the 25th, 26th and 27th May are already sold out.

Oh to be young, wild and free. Rihanna has also posted more personal pics of herself on holiday on her Facebook page. We all know Rihanna to be a wild child and the fireball of the party so don’t be suprised at the nudity and thug life. You can go on her official Facebook page to check those out.

Love & Hip Hop star and ex manager of Jim Jones, Yandy Smith is pregnant! this was a shocker for me cause…hmmm. No it isn’t Jim Jones’ baby for all you messy folks out there, she has a boyfriend who she has been seeing for a long time and also lives with. She also took some lovely maternity photos

Congratulations to Yandy!


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