When I’m Bored…I watch Got 2B Real: Diva Variety Show


If you do not watch this, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. This is the best parody show on Youtube. Sometimes I have to double take because it looks like some of the words are really coming from the diva’s mouths.

This show was created by Patti LaHelle who is a big fan Patti La Belle and real singers which you can see in the videos. The impersonations are so on point and the shade that is being thrown is so real and so hilarious. If only this was a real variety show…*looks into the distance and day dreams* I love it and I had to share this with every one. I don’t think anyone on Youtube has parodied these divas as cleverly and precisely as Patti LaHelle has.

Here are the last two episodes (Two of my favourites lol):

Check out the other episodes on Patti LaHelle’s Youtube Channel


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