‘The rise of Afrobeats’ – Guardian Article Response

So, the Guardian ran a feature on ‘The Rise of Afrobeats’ last Thursday and I finally got to read the whole thing through.

I actually enjoyed reading it for the most part and it was well written. Alot of the genre’s most recent achievements were mentioned along with big artists such as 2face Idibia, P Square and D’banj which was nice to see.

Hooowwever, I was higly unimpressed by the lack of research on this one. I really enjoy reading Guardian feautres generally but after reading this I had to comment on it.

It was nice to see that DJ Abrantee is representing for the Afrobeats movement, but if Dan Hancox really wanted to do the the movement any justice he would have gone to other Nigerian DJs that have more insight on the movement and have been holding it down for the genre for a very long time like DJ Neptune for example or DJ Jimmy Jatt. I was also suprised to see that Wizkid got very little mention especially considering how big he has been in the scene this past year or so.

Also the fact that DJ Abrantee is being credited for coining the name ‘Afrobeats’ doesn’t sit well with me at all. Being a fan of the genre, having been following African Music for the past 10 years and growing up in a Nigerian household, I WON’T SAY I’M AN EXPERT, but I can safely say that DJ Abrantee is relatively new within the movement of this sound and I’m sure he didn’t coin the name.

All in all I guess the article did whatever it set out to do. They hit the nail on the head with Afrobeats tunes to listen to. I really enjoyed reading what UK Rapper Sway had to say.

This article really ties in to a feature i’m writing so watch this space for it. šŸ˜‰

The link for the feature is below if you’re interested in reading it:


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