End of year round up



As I get older I notice the days, weeks, months and years go by so quickly. Already we are at the end of 2011. I’m sure there will be a lot to look forward to this 2012, the Olympics in London being one of them. I’m also sure this new year will give us a whole bunch of great moments, but as for right now I want to share my top 10 moments in entertainment this year as well as my top ten musicians and songs and ten things I learnt this year.

I’ll start with the top ten higlights of the year in music, film and entertainment. in no particular order.:


10. Great Films –  there were a few good ones out this year from The King’s Speech which brought older audiences back to the cinema and I genuinely enjoyed that film, to Bridesmaids which had me laughing from beginning to end. Considering the bad rap female comedians get, I have to say that was a great female cast and they all did a fantastic job. Also the psychological drama Black Swan was a fantastic stand out film.


9. The final Harry Potter movie – this definately marked the end of an era. I remeber watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in year 7 as part of an entire school treat, like it was just yesterday. Ever since then I followed each film and although they were’nt all great to me, it’s really sad to see it all end.


8. Twilight – Breaking Dawn – with all the anticipation behind it, I must say it did and didn’t disappoint. I still stand by my opinion that this final chapter of te film should have been one film instead of broken up into two parts. however it still was nice to see that the film had grown up and Edward was acting more like a man and standing by his woman. I’m still team Jacob though, and I can’t wait until November 2012 to see how it all ends.


7. Katy B –  Her album On a Mission was amazing. Talk about bringing it back to the old school but still keeping it fresh and funky for the times. She really held it up for the UK with seven singles off the album, she is definitley one to watch. Broken Record remains one of my favourite songs from the album.


6. Adele – there’s no way you can mention music from this year and not mention Adele. She is a force to be reckoned with. Despite the cancelled US tour and the laryngitis she still broke records and had everyone lost in her songs.


5. Chris Brown – Although this was a year for the ladies, this was definitely Mr. Brown’s year. His troubles seemed so far away as he brought out his best album since his debut in 2005. We really got to see Chris grow as an artist. from the mixtapes to the features. His writing skills have really blossomed and he’s back in top form. Look at me now and Beautiful People were the soundtrack to the summer


4.Beyonce – This year we saw the queen of pop and r&b make a comeback and annonce she is pregnant with her first child. With a less than impressive first single Run the World (Girls), she had many of us doubting if this album was worth the hype and the wait. However, she really made up for it with the video and her performance of the song at the Billboard Awards proved she was still the queen and she still has some years left in the game. Also her accpetance speech while recieveing the Billboard Millenium award reminded us all why we love her so much.


3. The Royal Wedding –  A fairytale wedding right before our eyes and for the generation that didn’t see the Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding it was a enchanting occasion. So simple and elegant  and a day many will cherish. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kathrine, our future King and Queen


2. Charlie Sheen – There is so much to say but you’ve probably heard it all already. Fired from Two and a Half Men, drug use, rehab, one man show, “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning”…smh and say no more.

1. The ones we lost –  Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor, Heavy D, Nate Dogg and Gary Speed are just a few of the unsuspected and shocking deaths that caught us all of guard this year. My heart goes out to their families. Just thinking about it brings back the feeling of when I heard each of them died. Still shocking. RIP to all the srats we lost this year.

Honourable mentions: Jessie J, Justin Beiber – never say never 3d/ baby daddy allegation, The Help, Rihanna, Misha B, Marc Anthony and J Lo divorce, Kim Kardashian’s, Rebecca Black – Friday, Rango, Mission Impossible, Pirates of the Caribbean


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