Twilight…The saga continues


On Friday night I went to see the latest installment in the Twilight film saga, ‘Breaking Dawn part 1’. Having seen that the Guardian and the Metro both gave the film one star in their reviews I became a little bit discouraged. But since I had already booked my ticket to see it and I had been so excited for so long I had no choice but to go. I’m definitely glad I saw the film.

Now since I’m sure the whole world has seen the film now and those who haven’t seen it don’t care I can go into some detail about what I thought about it.

So, this whole Bella and Edward being extremely happily married…not my cup of tea. Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m part of team Jacob and Bella should not have made that young wolf fall in love with her if she had no intention of being with him. On that note, Bella is a baby herself and I still believe she doesn’t know what she’s doing. For most of the film she had a baby in her womb that was killing her slowly and she was trying to convince the world and Jacob that it was fine and it was a beautiful thing. It’s like Jacob was the only one who had some sort of common sense in the film and wasn’t completely blinded by this backwards love story. And as much as I hate to admit it, Edward was a little bit with his senses as he tried to save his wife’s life.

All in all, It was an action packed movie with a shocking ending that left me wanting more and I honestly feel that Breaking Dawn could have been one film instead of being split into two parts.

With lots of blood, sex and human flesh-eating, this was an interesting film and I’m sure part 2 is going to be better and take things to another level. Twilight has definitely grown up.

And now that we know that Bella is a full fledged Vampire and Jacob has imprinted on the baby, what’s gonna happen? What kind of super breed, super fast cross breed are they gonna make?

Here’s a sneak peeek at Breaking Dawn part 2





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