The great Drake debate

While at my journalism trainee programme me and a couple of the other guys got into a conversation about YMCMB rapper Drake and his new album Take Care. We soon got into the ever trending topic of Drake’s emotional character.

Some may feel as though he is playing on this emotional facade while others may feel as though he is being himself with the argument that being raised by women can do that to a man. Whether it is real or not, isn’t it a bit much to be basing a whole album off of? Already being labelled an emo-rapper, this album left me wondering what happened to the old Drake?

True, his previous album Thank me later left no impression that pre-record deal Drake was making a return, but I thought he would give us a little more than he did. The same way he teased us with ‘Over’ as the lead single for the previous album is the same way he teased us with ‘Headlines’ for this album.

Although we see our old friend in tracks like ‘Lord Knows featuring Rick Ross and Underground Kings where he boasts, “I was a cold dude now I’m getting back to my ways”. This is short-lived as songs like ‘Doing it Wrong’ and ‘Look what You’ve done” and stories of girls that got away and his relationship with his mum take over as noticeable mentions from the album.

I will give credit where credit is dude because at least Drake isn’t pretending to be the hard thug rapper that hip-hop culture has promoted for years. It is refreshing to see a rapper so successful that can openly admit to broken hearts and daddy issues in a way that we rarely see.

You either love him or you hate him and it may be safe to say that Drake is raps very own Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. To say that you like this dude means you somewhat like his emotional songs because there are plenty of them. However, I personally prefer My Hyde and you will still find me bangin’ out the classic Drake tunes like ‘Money to blow’ and ‘Over’.


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